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Platinum Jewellery Sales Continue to Enjoy “Sustained Recovery”

PGI: There “is a renewed enthusiasm for platinum”
Platinum Rings
Credit: Marko Poplasen /

Platinum jewelry retailers and manufacturers report “a sustained recovery across three of four key markets” in the latest Platinum Jewellery Business Review Q1 2021 report made by the Platinum Guild International (PGI).


wedding rings from silver platinum and titanium
Credit: Brian A Jackson


Huw Daniel,CEO of PGI, is quoted by Mining Weekly as saying: “The jewelry industry has seen precious jewelry demand return in the first quarter of 2021, but the recovery could slow in some markets as subsequent waves of COVID cloud the outlook. Other than accelerated trends within the industry, what we’ve seen in the last year is a renewed enthusiasm for platinum […]”.


Credit: Tiffany & Co.


In the US, the market has continued its strong rebound since Q3 2020. According to the report, platinum jewelry sales of PGI USA’s strategic partners “experienced robust year-on-year growth of 11%”.


Read the full report here.



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